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How to create your free remote developer profile?

Fri Jan 19 2024

Our developer profile feature is a quick and easy way to introduce yourself as a developer to the world. When someone visits your profile, they can see a short introduction about you, access your links, and see your past job experiences. Even if you have a portfolio site up and running, having one more site linking back to you builds SEO and credibility.

Step 1 - Sign up

To sign up with us, you will need a GitHub account. Let's face it, being a developer is all about coding, and the world has chosen GitHub as the standard way to showcase your skills. Employers want to see your work, and GitHub is the place to share all the code you want to share with the world. If not all, most remote software developer positions require you to have worked with git, and furthermore, if you do not have a GitHub profile, you are already at the bottom of the pick. We, as a website, are all about helping you succeed. Also, they offer best-in-class authentication.

Signing up is a 10 second affair.

Go to and click on the CTA button "Create Your Free Profile now".

create profile cta

Click on the "Sign in with Github" button

Sign in with github

And you are ready to explore everything related to your developer profile.

Step 2 - Reserve your slug

On, you have full control over when and what you want to put on your profile, and nothing ever gets published to the public unless you actively opt in. At this point, we recommend that you reserve your desired slug for your public profile URL. E.g., A slug set to john will make your public profile link to be

slugs are unique, so once a slug is set, it is not available to anyone else. So reserve one as quickly as you can.

Slug settings

Step 3 - Add information

Once you have reserved your slug, you can add as much or as little information as you want to your profile at your own pace. Currently, you can add various links, contact information, a summary, and previous job experiences. This is still under construction, and in the future, you will be able to add more information with greater control over what goes on your public profile and what remains private.

Step 4 - Switch visibility to public

When you are ready to share your profile and put it out there, press the switch, and it will be available to the public.

visibility settings

Step 5 - Share away

You have now successfully created your developer profile where visitors can easily find your links, get a quick overview of who you are, and see your previous work experience.

What's coming - We mean business

We believe that all developers deserve a smooth experience while applying for remote software engineering jobs. Why do we endlessly need to re-write our information, conjure up CVs, and go through tedious processes when all of this could be solved by a platform? Places like LinkedIn and Wellfound have tried to solve this issue, but the experience is still not adequate due to the fact that they cater to all sorts of professions.

We are for developers, by developers. That's our goal, and that's what we are building. Everything is built from scratch using the latest web technologies, which gives us full flexibility to create and innovate. We are not a website bootstrapped on WordPress or other services taped together. We have no platform risk, and the tech we run is used by top tech companies.

Currently we are working on:

  • Being able to add more information such as projects, education history and more.

  • API access. We want you to be able to access all your information through our API so you can use the platform as a headless CMS. Then you can take the information and create your own portfolio website while serving the content from us.

  • Contact form, we are making it possible to add a contact form to your profile page if you desire.

  • The developer side is just one side to the coin. We want recruiters to be able to find top tech talent on the platform. That portal will cater to business who want to take control of their listing content and also post jobs on the site.

  • When businesses can post jobs to the site, developers will be able to apply directly with their profiles. We hate PDF CVs and cover letters no one reads.

  • Offers and discounts, we are planning to bring you offers of services and goods that are related to us as software engineers. For instance hosting, courses and coaching.

  • Developer blogs, we are planning a lightweight blog system where you as a developer can blog to your profile. Obviously this will also be available to you through the API when it launches.

We want to hear from you!

Since we can build whatever the community needs, we want to hear from you! What's your vision of remote work as a software engineer? What features and services would you like to see on the platform? Let us know, and we might build it 🤓


What is is a platform designed for remote software developers, offering a curated lists of curated remote job resources tailored to the needs of software engineers.

Who can use

Software developers seeking remote job opportunities can use to create profiles and search global remote tech companies.

How does differ from other job portals? is specifically tailored for remote software developers and companies looking for tech talent. It focuses on building a professional community, streamlining the hiring process, and adapting to the changing landscape of remote work.

Is free for job seekers?

Yes! All features available to job seekers are 100% free.

Can I create a developer profile on

Yes, developers can create profiles showcasing their skills, experience, and projects, making them sharable to potential employers.