CodePen is a social development environment. At its heart, it allows you to write code in the browser, and see the results of it as you build.



We say social because CodePen is a community. Most creations on CodePen are public and open source. They are living things that other people and the community can interact with, from a simple hearting to leaving a comment, to forking and changing for their own needs.

People use CodePen for all sorts of things: prototyping new ideas, reducing test cases for bugs, sending clients things to look at, evaluating potential hires, to finding inspiration. People also use CodePen as a sort of resume and portfolio, showing off their best design and development work.

We're trying to make CodePen a happy and healthy place for front-end designers and developers and the people looking for them, while also being a damn fine place to code. ❤️

Is this your company?

Our mission is to allow remote software companies quickly build the team they need to drive their business forward. While candidates can enjoy a good application process. You can soon claim this company and start creating a community around your business, right here.