Product Experience Insights that show how your users behave and what they feel strongly about, so you can deliver real value.



Hotjar wants to make the web a better place. We believe many digital experiences—whether on desktop or mobile—quite frankly suck, and we're working to change that. We help by building product experience insights software for product teams. We’re focused on helping our customers really understand what their end-users are doing on their websites—to help them find those parts of their sites that are hard to navigate, just plain broken, confusing, or simply not enjoyable. In short, we show what end-users feel strongly about, so that product teams can deliver real value, fast.

Hotjar has a team of over 200 Hotjarians spread across 33 countries—we're a fully distributed company and always have been. What better way to make sure that digital experiences improve than to be online ourselves, all day, every day?

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